Summit League predictions: Feb 5-8

February 5th

Western Illinois @ Fort Wayne

If the Leathernecks can win this game, that will give both teams 3 wins and basically secure them spots in the Summit League tournament.  Unless the Mastodons all of a sudden get bad at rebounding, and the Leathernecks all of a sudden get good at offense on the road, that’s not going to happen.

North Dakota State @ Omaha on ESPN+

I know the Bison are favored in this game.  They probably are a better team than Omaha, overall, but not by a large amount.  These teams have differing styles, and I always find this match up incredibly fun to watch.  I sort of have a stat. I only sort of have it because I once jotted it down in some notes, but the notepad from that computer didn’t transfer over to a new computer.

Dave Richman team’s are kind of bad on weeknight road games, but they’re surprisingly really good on weekend road games.  It was one of the weirdest consistent things I’ve seen in the Summit League.  I thought it was just a common thing among teams at this level, but it’s really not.  They were 1-4 on weeknight Summit League road games last season.  They are 1-2 on weeknight Summit League road games this season.

February 7th

Oral Roberts @ North Dakota on ESPN+

Oral Roberts forces more turnovers than anyone in the Summit League, and North Dakota is one of the worst at taking care of the basketball, which is impressive as they play at one of the slowest paces in the conference.  The Golden Eagles already defeated the Fighting Hawks by 15 in Tulsa.  It sounds like the deeper and more experienced Golden Eagles should have a good shot at picking up a conference road win.

February 8th

Oral Roberts @ North Dakota State on ESPN3

These are evenly matched teams, and this game should be a blast. North Dakota State at home with an extra day of rest should be beneficial.

South Dakota @ North Dakota on ESPN3

Tough week for North Dakota with Oral Roberts and South Dakota coming to town. The home court advantage will be nice, but South Dakota is currently on a roll.

Omaha @ South Dakota State

The biased fan in me wants to say Omaha will win this game. They’ve had luck playing in Brookings in the past, but the Jackrabbits have been an excellent team this season.  Omaha has had many struggles on the road, and South Dakota State has one of the longest active home winning streaks in division one.  Though, Omaha’s did end last week, maybe Omaha can end someone else’s.

Fort Wayne @ Denver

I’m going with Denver in this game. I don’t want to talk about it. I just want chaos at the bottom of the conference.



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