Can we act like we’ve been here before?

I’m not really sure what to say about the first week of college basketball. The Mavericks averaged over 20 turnovers in their first three games of the season and shot 18% on threes. Marlon Ruffin was a stud, though, and Matt Pile shot 100% from the free throw line, so at least there was that.

Either way, after starting the season 1-2, the Mavericks will be coming home to not play at home. The Mavericks finally get exactly what they’ve wanted ever since transitioning to division one, and that is playing the Creighton Bluejays.

I didn’t know much about the Mavericks’ Thanksgiving weekend opponents, hopefully they were just super good at defense and that’s why the Mavericks turned the ball over so much and shot so terribly on threes.

I also, honestly don’t know that much about Creighton, anymore. I’m aware they still have Marcus Zegarowski and Mitch Ballock, who is super freaking nice. I grew up liking Creighton basketball, but lately they’ve been like that ex you’re trying to forget. It’s pretty hard to forget about Creighton since I live across the street from their campus, but I’m trying.

Creighton’s only game this season was beating North Dakota State by 11. A month ago I was thinking the Mavericks were 11 points better than the Bison, but there is no way the Mavericks could beat the Bison while turning the ball over 21 times.

Either way, pretty great that this is finally happening and none of us get to go. Much of us probably won’t even get to see the beginning of the game because we’ll be at work or on our way home from work. I work from home, and it rules.

At least it’s here, we can talk about it, and then move onto bitching about Nebraska not wanting to play the Mavericks.

Can we at least act like we’ve been here before? We literally haven’t been, but can just pretend?

Creighton fans find Maverick fans to be super whiney about not playing them, and yeah we’re a little whiney about it. In our defense, we don’t really think it’s a rivalry the Mavericks could dominate we just find it stupid to not play an opponent from a campus 5 miles away.

I was going this big spiel about how to act around Creighton fans at this particular event, but I think that was just me hoping we’d be allowed to go. I live downtown, and the downtown area obviously faced a lot in the year 2020. There were events that took place, and I thought of discussing them here several times, but I don’t believe I’m the one to pontificate about them.

Either way, the restaurants downtown are hurting, especially the restaurants on the north end of downtown. Several of them rely on Creighton events. I work for one of the restaurants one night a week, and several members of the staffs are struggling with the restrictions and loss of hours.

If you’re looking to go out and watch the game, please do it responsibly, and consider going to the restaurants on the north end of downtown – particularly Blatt Beer & Table, Hook & Lime, Old Mattress Factory, and TSR. With the loss of the World Series, Olympic Swim Trials, Creighton baseball, Big 10 Baseball tournament, and other events those employees have lost out on thousands of dollar this year.

They could really use your help, and I am positive their staffs would love to talk to you about Creighton or Omaha basketball.

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