My trivial Summit League rankings: Dec 27

SPOILER ALERT: This is going to be boring…

But, maybe you needed some rankings to get you through the days before the Summit League season begins.  I actually doubt you needed that.

1st – South Dakota, 9-5

My last ranking: 1st

The Coyotes have lost two in a row with the injury to Triston Simpson, but he is expected to be back at the start of Summit League play.  The injury has given experience to Kruz Perrott-Hunt, which should help make the Coyotes bench even tougher.

2nd – North Dakota State, 8-5

My last ranking: 2nd

The Bison have faced injuries to two starters, Jared Samuelson and Sam Griesel, and only lost by 14 at Marquette.  That’s considered a bit of a success, right?

3rd – Omaha, 7-8

My last ranking: 3rd

The win over Montana showed the Mavericks have clutch performers in JT Gibson and KJ Robinson to carry the team down the stretch of close games.  Have any other Summit League teams proved they have clutch performers like this?

That’s a serious question…I haven’t watched many close games from Summit League teams.

Fun fact: Omaha has the highest RPI in the Summit League right now.  Helpful that Washington State is on a 5 game winning streak.  The Mavericks also have the 2nd toughest strength of schedule according to RPI, but RPI rankings don’t factor in the Golden Eagles have played Rogers State, Southwestern Christian, Haskell, and Central Oklahoma.

4th – Oral Roberts, 7-5

My last ranking: 5th

It was filled with injuries, and it wasn’t pretty, but the Golden Eagles finished their non-conference schedule with a winning record.  The Golden Eagles actually still have a non-conference games left at BYU.  They also finished with the 2nd highest RPI in the conference…behind Omaha.

5th – South Dakota State, 9-6

My last ranking: 4th

You can call me biased if you want for ranking the a 9-6 Jackrabbits team 5th in the Summit League, but do you really care about this that much?

The Jackrabbits played the 2nd weakest schedule in the Summit League, behind North Dakota State.  The Summit League tea who returned the least amount of its scoring has still yet to be in a situation in which they needed to prove themselves.  I guess they get the opportunity this weekend when they face the Mavericks.

6th – North Dakota, 6-7

My last ranking: 7th

The team with barrel of chemistry beat a Nebraska team with no chemistry.  That’s weird.

7th – Purdue Fort Wayne, 6-7

My last ranking: 6th

At the start of the season, everyone rated the Mastodons in the middle of the Summit League since they lost John Konchar but still had Jon Coffman as a head coach, so they were bound to be okay. It turns out John Konchar was a better player than Jon Coffman is a good coach.  Just watch the Mastodons and watch how the team plays with no organization.

8th – Denver, 4-10

My last ranking: 8th

I don’t like this team. I thought they’d be one of the worst teams to play in the Summit League in the last 5 years.  They might still be, but I think they’re capable of getting a surprise win this season.

What makes me think that?

Actually, nothing.  Pretty much just that they have an altitude advantage in Denver.

It’s currently $630 to fly round trip from Omaha to Denver January 17 to January 19th, if you want to go see the Mavericks play the Pioneers in January.  That’s a lot, isn’t it?

9th – Western Illinois, 3-7

My last ranking: 9th

I thought the Leathernecks would be somewhat decent this season.  I should also mention I haven’t been dieting that well lately, either.  Lots of fried food.  Need to get back to eating more vegetables.

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