Some meaningless information about Omaha’s Thursday in-state opponent

For some reason, the Mavericks will be playing Midland University at noon on a Thursday.

There will be 5 Summit League games played this Thursday, and all 5 Summit League teams will be playing against non-division one opponents. Four of the five games will be played at normal times like 6 or 7 pm.  It’s a real good stats day for the conference.

North Dakota will be opening their season against Crown College, and every time I see “Crown College” I think it’s “Clown College” and I imagine a very entertaining basketball team coached by Krusty the Clown with Homer Simpson in a pivotal role as the team’s main post player.

If you’re a Simpsons buff, this is a reference to the episode Krusty the Clown bets his money AGAINST the Harlem Globetrotters because he thought the Washington Generals “were due.”

It’s understandable some of the most die hard Omaha and Midland fans will not be attending this game, so here are some interesting bullet points you might like to know about Thursday’s opponent. Actually, they’re not that interesting.

  • They’re the Midland Warriors, even though their logo is a Viking. What is the difference between a Viking and a Warrior? Honestly, no idea at all, but can anyone define that? The Golden State Warriors mascot looks like a villain on “The Flash”


  • Midland finished the 2018-2019 season with a 10-19 record
  • The Midland Warriors are 2-2 on the season
  • It is difficult to put into words how good or bad a 2-2 NAIA team is, but the Midland Warriors are good enough to land themselves on the Creighton Bluejays schedule, who only schedule teams who help their program
  • If you attempt to discuss how the Summit League should look into adding Midland to the conference, I’m going to fight you…and I’m pretty sure some random dudes from Denver are going to overhear the conversation and say “hey, did that idiot just suggest the Summit League give Midland an invite to the conference? We’re going to fight that person. Oh, you’re already fighting that person? Cool, let us know when you get tired and need a break so we can fight that person.”
  • The Mavericks have never lost to the Warriors
  • There are no seniors on Midland’s roster
  • This game is at noon and you have a job, class, or a required court date you have to attend
  • 6’8″ Junior forward Ryan Williams was on the same Fremont varsity team as Mitch Hahn
  • Through the Warriors’ first 4 games, Williams leads the team in scoring, averaging 23.3 points per game
  • These Warriors have been using the hashtag #GoWarriors, which is the same hashtag used by…
    • The Foxborough Warriors, a high school in Foxborough, Massachusetts
    • Waunakee Girls Basketball, a youth girls basketball program based out of Waunakee, Wisconsin
    • CAK Girls Basketball, a girls basketball team for an all girls Christian Academy based out of Knoxville, Tennessee
    • And actually, many more, I was just trying to illustrate that there are too many Warriors out there

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