So the Omaha Chargers are a thing

The Omaha Chargers played their first game Tuesday night at the Ralston Arena, and I feel like you did not even notice.  They won 143-97, by the way.

Probably unlike you, I have fantasized about a professional basketball team calling Omaha its home ever since I started watching basketball.  So, basically since I was five years old.  I created my own team on NBA Live 2000 called…you guessed it…The Omaha Racers.

I think we took over the Atlanta Hawks schedule, because I did not recognize them as a NBA team while I was in middle school.  I had to create Mikki Moore to be my center since the game did not believe that he was in the NBA.  I also had to create Rodney Buford as the team’s shooting guard, because again…EA Sports refused to acknowledge him as a real person.

I also created Venson Hamilton, who I don’t think ever actually made a NBA regular season team, but did play on some preseason rosters, if I remember correctly.  Then I did the obvious next move which was signing Erick Strickland, Eric Piatkowski, and Tyronn Lue.

We were terrible.  Anyway, now that you know a little more about me…

I have had a number of arguments that a NBA team would not work out in Omaha.  I know it’s fun to think it would since Creighton men’s basketball averages a better attendance than one-third of the NBA each season, but selling out 41 games is a tougher accomplishment than selling out 17 or 18 college basketball games.  With 41 games, you still get the Philadelphia 76ers coming to town as one or two of the 41 games.

I often think that a NBDL team would work out in Omaha.  Hell, if it can work out in Des Moines and Sioux Falls, why cant it work out in Omaha?  The Omaha Storm Chasers have been pretty successful since moving to Werner Park.  The Lancers seem to do alright.  The Beef, I guess are okay?

That last paragraph was sponsored by the Omaha Vipers.

So why did you not notice anything about the Omaha Chargers?  If you’re like me, you got some interest when the announcement came in April that the team was being formed.  Then you checked their website for information, and probably checked it a few more times over the span of a few months noticing that it was never being updated.  Then all of a sudden, I guess they were having a basketball game?

If my imaginary Omaha Racers team was a real thing, I would think the first step would be to raise awareness that this community actually has a basketball team.  So I did as much deep diving as I possibly could into this thing to see what could be found out about the Omaha Chargers.

I guess this is their home schedule?  Just show up to the Ralston Arena at any time on those dates and hope for the best.


This basketball team is ran by a man named Darryl Greene.  Greene is apparently also the president of the NBLA.

Which is actually kind of confusing, because Darryl Greene is also the president of the Dakota Magic, another team in the NBLA that you are not aware of.  Is this the same Darryl Greene?  Did he Multiplicity this thing and did Omaha get the # 4 clone?  This is a social experiment, right?


The Chargers either have no Vice President or an Assistant GM, so Greene might be taking on those responsibilities as well at the moment.  Or their website just sucks, both are possible scenarios.  Spoiler alert: If you click on the LinkedIn link, it does not take you to an Omaha Chargers LinkedIn account, just to’s account.


The Chargers have no Twitter account.  It’s not like they have to necessarily have a Twitter account, but they have a Facebook page that barely gives any information about the team.  Facebook right now is the place to go when you want to get really upset with your uncle’s political memes, not a place you go to see what sports franchises are up to.  That’s what Twitter is for.  In fact, the only reason I was reminded there was a game on Tuesday night was because I saw Mike Rostampour tweet to CJ Carter something about the game.

There is an unofficial Twitter account, set up by a fan, but that fan gave up on that thing pretty quickly.


This is all great, because the NBLA is totally utilizing social media platforms.  Actually if you go to the Dakota Magic’s website, their social media links take you to actual social media accounts of theirs.

WOWT pretended to care with the San Diego Chargers logo.


And does that say Iowa?


Their Fan Page on their website will inform you that there was a NBLA Prospect game that would have been nice to hear about.  I would’ve have loved to hear how locals did in the game.


You can even click on a link to let the Chargers know what you think.  Which provides no real information on how to contact them.  Just this logo.  Staring right into your confused brain.


Want to play in the NBLA?  It’s just that easy.


You can contact the NBLA.  You do all the leg work.


This is an advertisement from the Dakota Magic for tonight’s away game for the Chargers.  The Magic’s Facebook page provides you with more information on the Omaha Chargers than the Omaha Chargers do.




Do the Chargers and Ralston Arena have a deal like this?  We don’t even know if Ralston Arena has the concession stands open during games. I know that CJ Carter, Deverell Biggs, or James Parrot could get me a $1 hot dog by 7:15pm with a deal like this.

The Chargers were able to update their season tickets to only being 9 games left, and that there is a 2 for 1 offer apparently. There, I just did more advertising for the Omaha Chargers than the Chargers have actually done.


A NBDL team could actually have some potential in Omaha.  Even professional basketball like this can be successful  One could even argue that a WNBA team would actually do pretty well in Omaha (or Lincoln).  The organization has to at least make an attempt to get the community excited about it.

Hey, look, I want this thing to work out just like you probably do.  But how are you supposed to get interested in this team if the only data you have is that they play at the Ralston Arena?


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